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江西多乐彩今天开奖结果 www.23ej.com.cn   留学申请的材料中,申请书是必不可少的。在美国名校申请的过程中,文书是弹性最大的一个环节,也是制胜环节。在这篇文章中,出国留学网将教大家怎么写美国留学申请书。


  一、美国留学申请的文书,一般分为两种:公共文书(Common Personal Essays)和指定文书(Supplement Essays)。

  1、公共文书,又称为大文书,指的是绝大部分学校采用的网络公共申请系统(Common App)内五选一的题目,由于题目公开且每年固定,较容易准备。但是名校除了公共文书之外,通?;嵊卸钔獾闹付ㄎ氖?,也称小文书,并且每年题目有可能变化,较难提前准备,而且绝大部分的学生都没有给予足够的重视,往往短时间之内仓促完成,内容与质量上与大文书无法相匹配,而这又恰好是美国大学招办所关注的重点,所以大大影响了录取结果。

  2、指定文书,对于美国名校的申请有着非常重要的意义,但这恰恰是大多数中国申请者最头疼的 问题。大多数中国内地学生,在思维的发散性及创造性上显得不足,因此在指定文书写作上,难有能让招生官眼前一亮的创新想法或深刻见解。“不少条件都很优秀的学生,面对心仪学校很难的指定文书题目,往往望而却步,甚至放弃申请,十分可惜。”

  很多学生把大量时间和精力放在主文书上,等到12月15日ED/EA没有录取才开始准备常规申请(RD)学校的小文书。而小文书的数量根据所选 学校的不同有所差异,但通常不少于5篇,甚至超过10篇,加上小文书的难度逐年提高,且时间有限,匆忙之下要完成数量多难度大的小文书,内容和质量都难以 保证。

  在常规申请截止日前,就要同时完成公共文书和多篇指定文书。在接下来一个半月之 内的申请文书工作压力之大, 远非一般人能想象。加上文书是展示学生综合素质和能力的主要方式,因此在此提醒大家一定要仔细认真创作文书,保质保量。













  3、结构简单,衔接紧密,主线明确,便于理解。谨记:simple is the best。





  To live a meaningful life everyday; to continually pursue my predetermined worthwhile goals. -My view of life.

  Could I put myself in the life-threatening working environment? Could I sacrifice my life for the benefits of others? Some people may laugh at my crazy question. To me, that is a serious question I have come a long way to find my answer. “I am not sure whether it is worth to answer”; “What is the true meaning of that question?”

  When I was a young child, I watched a soap opera that was about court. I was deeply impressed by the judge’s calmness and the lawyer’s eloquence and resource that were showed in this opera. From then on, I hoped to study law some day. Fortunately, I performed well in entrance examination and got enrolled into xx University. Then I chose law as my major without hesitation. At university, I studied hard and got GPA 3.4. What’s more, I broadly read all kinds of books, including philosophy, history etc. My teachers’ instruction strengthened my understanding of law and makes me understand the significance of law to a country. From my studies, I had a lot of fun and got more interested in law. Moreover, I actively participated in practice in holidays from common company to law firm and tried to apply the theory I had learned into practice.

  This summer, I had my internship in counselor department in xxx Group Co Ltd which was involved in a business contract dispute, which was submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration. As a representative of the requested applicant, I took part in the evidence collection in the early arbitration stage and clearly explained why the 5% balance of goods was not paid on time. After knowing the whole case, I visited my teacher, an Arbitration Law professor, and listened to her opinions. Realizing the counterpart didn’t completely implement their contract duty, I gave reasons as follows: First, the counterpart company didn’t mention bearing issue, which caused that the delivered machines couldn’t be put into the plant because of the disqualification of workshop. Thus overhaul was necessary, which delayed production and resulted loss. Based on these reasons, the counterpart didn’t completely carry out its duty, so our party did not pay the balance on time. During this time, I found out the evidence and pictures that attested counterpart did not give reasonable suggestion and service, and made a statement in the court. Finally, the arbitration turned out that counterpart compensated our loss, in which the arbiters invoked the reasons that I stated. They had a panel made up of 3 lawyers and 5 company representatives as agents while we just had 3 persons—two lawyers and me. Under such condition, I was able to cooperate with them and clearly stated my opinions without any nervousness, which got their respect. This matter greatly inspired my enthusiasm on study.

  In addition, I took part in the contact draft in several companies. In the process, when I met a lot of problems, I often turned to my teachers for help, which made good impression on them. As I cherished each practice, I studied my specialty and English hard. With effective study method and diligence, I did well both in English and law, which helped me a lot to get scholarship every year. On the other hand, my practice inspired me to study. In practice, I exercised my legal knowledge. I also realize the big gap between theory and its application—sometimes I have master the rules but I didn’t know how to use it in actual case. My practice experiences have not only strengthened what I learned but have supplied new knowledge for me, which is good for my future study and career.

  In my study and practice, I admired outstanding lawyers’ eloquence and jumping thinking more and more. However, in China, most of lawyers come from theory study and those who can perform well in practice are insufficient. Moreover, after the China’s entrance to WTO, there are a lot of problems with Chinese law. I think, my internship experience is not enough. In practice, I could combine substantive law with procedural law to analyze case, but I still feel my theoretical foundation is not solid enough. What’s more, comparably speaking, the chances that I have to initiatively study and practice are not a lot. Thereby, I am eager to study further abroad to know more about foreign law, thoughts and lawyer career so that I am able to stand out in fierce competition.


  Due to the comprehensiveness of China’s “reform and open” policies, economics plays an increasingly important role in the development of its global position. Though more and more companies built, management of companies cannot catch up with the development of the companies. Management is a burgeoning field in China, so I hope I can acquire more modern knowledge on management in England.

  The roots of my strong interest in business can be traced back to my childhood. My father was among the first of China’s new breed of modern entrepreneurs. As a young girl, it was inspirational hearing about his business ventures, and meeting the varied and interesting circle of entrepreneurs. My mother was also involved in business as an accountant, helping him with simple calculations. And so it was early in my life that I hoped I, also, would someday be able to enter the realm of business.

  With the time of growing up, I preferred reading books to satisfy my curiosity. I never ceased to contemplate over the questions I encountered. Subjects on business and management became a special fascination to me and my knowledge of psychology as well as interest in this field was increasing rapidly.

  As a high school student in China, I had to concentrate on the College Entrance Examination (CEE), even so, books not related to the exams were never excluded from my life. Unfortunately when sitting in the exam in June, 2001, I was so nervous that I didn’t score well in the CEE exam. I enrolled in the department of Computer Science in Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any attempt to persuade myself to focus on my major turned out to be a failure at the beginning of my college life. After several terms, I realized that I would never be interested in being a programmer or an engineer. At that moment, I lost my direction and objectives.

  My persistence in reading saved me from the dark situation. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed reading the books included Encyclopedia American, and some books about management by Peter F.Drucker. I began to notice something interesting: Why some companies can produce more than others? Why some company can sell more than others? Why some companies can build up but others cannot when facing the same difficulties?

  With the questions in my mind, I started to read many relevant books. I was lucky to read the book “Jack: Straight from the Gut”by Jack Welch, in Which John A. Byrne makes a clear illustration that the management is important for a company. When I was a junior, I ran a bookshop by myself near my school. I should manage not only the finance in the shop but also the employees in my shop even made some strategies to enlarge the business in my shop to hold on the run the shop. From this, my interpersonal skills and the capacity in business has been greatly developed, definitely I was increasingly interested in what I was doing. By December, 2003, I had finally determined to take business management as my career instead of IT. To accumulate more relevant knowledge, I strived to gain more practical work experience in some big companies.

  Fortunately, as a senior, I began by conducting an internship in the Architecture Company in Zhejiang Province. Over six months, I worked as an assistant of the manager to harmonize the relationship between the different departments in this company and to draft some management system, which broadened my perspective of management conditions and business performance in different industries. The experience showed me that management is much more important than that of I thought in big companies. After graduation, I continued my work in this company. In May, 2005, the company offered me an opportunity to participate in an training program held by a famous management school. Through in-depth discussions with teachers and students in the classes, they all encouraged me to pursue my future career in management field because of my intellectual ability and the brand new ideas I mentioned.

  During the short period of training, I realized that pursuing a higher degree in management is a wise choice for me now. Lancaster, with its excellence in management, represents the perfect fit for my needs. In your challenging environment, I can build the required foundation of knowledge related to management to achieve my goals. I am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. With this in mind, I hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply.



  北卡罗莱纳大学威明顿分校副教授克里斯托弗·豪尔(Christopher Hall)“为你的家庭而骄傲的确很好,但指望扩展家庭在某一职业领域的根基对于将自己推销出去没有什么帮助。米克·贾格尔是非常出色的歌手,但这不意味着他的子女有相同的才能。你应该讨论自己的个人才能,而不是你的祖父祖母的业界传奇。”


  康奈尔大学本科部(Cornell College)招生办主任玛丽·舍弗(Marie Schofer)认为,很多学生选择写下他们参加社区服务,这些的确是非常棒的经历,对个人来说非常有意义,也能反映出你的性格。唯一的问题在于,无论你去了哪里,无论你做了什么样的服务,所有的结论都是一样的:你愿意帮助别人。这当然非常好,但它不会帮你从其他申请人中脱颖而出。





  圣爱德华大学的本科招生办主任德鲁·尼古拉斯(Drew Nichols)解释说:“大多数申请人的背景具有多样性,生源中的很多人克服了各种各样的困难:贫困、复杂的家庭问题,严重的疾病。但克服体育伤痛的文章总是暗示着申请人对自我认识不足。如果一个学期无法踢足球是你的经历中最痛苦的事情,那么它并不会被认为展示出了你的韧性,也会被认为是没有很好地认识到同辈人遇到的巨大挑战到底是什么。”


  纽约州立大学高级招生顾问米歇尔·柯蒂斯-贝利(Michelle Curtis-Bailey)忠告各位申请人:Essay存在的意义是了解你,而不是了解某个灾害的经过。比如2014年飓风桑迪袭击纽约后,她说:“很多学生在申请中写到了上一年十月经历的飓风。”但结果是这样的信息就像新闻报道一样地写了飓风对生活和家庭的影响,却没有写明这件事和申请人的关系。总体说来,校方知道灾害对于申请人的影响。但学校的Essay并不会反复计算这种灾害对学生带来的影响。






  卡耐基梅隆大学录取委员会主任Michael Steidel对此谈到:“一是要找寻关于申请人的某些有趣信息,而这些信息显然不能脱离申请人在申请表上填写的内容和学校的成绩记录。也就是说这些信息必须基于实际,不能杜撰。二是要找寻关于申请人的一些“结构素材”,比如该学生的信念、学生本人的一些特质和品质等。三是学生本人真正的兴趣是什么,学校是否能够提升该学生在这方面的学习,学校和学生两者是否适合对方。”

  中国资深海外升学顾问、 陈起永老师也表示:“文书会表明一个学生组织和表达自身思想的能力,它其实是帮助大学的录取委员们在课程、在校成绩、考试分数以及其他客观数据之外的领域进一步了解你。”比如我们开头中提到的北卡罗莱那大学非常有趣的文书题目,就是希望从学生的阐述中了解你的想象力、你的个性特点等。



  首先,用文书描绘一个真实的你,而不是你认为名校希望你是什么样的。很多申请人有这样一个误区,认为甲大学喜欢录取有领袖潜力的学生、乙大学喜欢有特殊经历的学生,因此他们就会根据自己调查到的“学校特色”来写作不同风格的文书,认为投其所好就可以获得更大的成功机会。试想一下,如果所有的学生都是一个样的,你还愿意进入这样的大学去学习么? 在此给大家的建议是,一定要保持真实的自我,在文书里写出一个有特色的自我。



  再次,要学会从申请的角度写好文书。Q同学就是一个很好的例子。她参加了[email protected]危地马拉的公共服务活动,并将这个经历写进了自己的申请文书。但是最初完成的文书只是从自己的出发点来写一些简单的感受,而仅仅有这些是远远不够的, 的陈起永老师从申请的角度来指导她,对文书进一步的完善,添加了许多专业知识,比如医疗器材的使用、急救常识、传染病防治的知识等,从当地人对疾病的态度上写出了自己更深层次的认识。一个受过专业医疗急救培训,并且将来还要继续从事相关志愿活动的中国女生形象就这样从申请文书中跃然而生。文书中展现出的精彩的活动经历也使她成功进入了埃默里大学。





























  美国地域辽阔,共有50个州,每个州都有自身的特点。因此,对准备留学美国的中国学生来说,如何选择一个适合自己的留学城市,着实不是件容易事。同时学校所处环境、历史传承,也决定了学校风气是保守亦或开明,学术风气是严谨亦或激进。 从学术研究方面考虑。相对于大城市而言,小城市的学校生活费用合理、生活环境平和安详,从某种意义上说更适合专注学业,同时还能领略到真正的美国文化。更好的学习生活,更合适的投入产出比。



  留学申请材料主要分为以下几部分:美国学校方面的申请表格、学生个人简介文书及相关学术作品、家庭经济证明、成绩单(中国学校在校成绩、留学考试成绩)、推荐信。这些材料准备起来非常烦琐,特别是个人简介文书(Personal Statement ,商学院是Essay)和推荐信的写作,需要有一定的技巧,这两份材料将帮助美国大学的招生委员会成员全面而客观地看待和考察学生资质,对于是否录取和是否发放奖学金,起着至关重要的作用。 学生在准备材料的过程中,最好为每个准备申请的学校建立单独的档案,保留与该校相关的文件和文件备份,以便随时掌握联系的进度。同时准备一个大信封(Package),把全部要寄出的资料按顺序放入。


  1. Three Recommendation Letters,把三封推荐信分三个信封装好,并在信封口上请教授签上字。










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